Meredith - Sylist


Women's & Men's Precision Hair Cutting, Dimensional Hair Color, and Special Occasion Styling.

(Level 1)
Serenity works on a performance-based level system where each service provider’s level is determined by the demand on their time. A higher level equals higher demand.

Getting to know Meredith

Favorite Quote:
“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.”

What or who inspires you?
“My 3 kids. They are kind, creative, loving and inspirational. I wish I was as cool as they are!”

What is your beauty philosophy?
“Smile and laugh everyday, that positivity is what makes us all beautiful.”

What is your favorite food or local restaurant?
“Nachos. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

What is something most people don’t know about you?
“I went back to cosmetology school at 40… you can teach an old dog new tricks!”